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Let your food be medicine and your medicine be food.
~Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine



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Welcome to Immunity Cancer Cure

This web site contains information about a cancer-fighting nutritional regimen.
The regimen ("diet") was developed by Sandra C. Miller, PhD for adults with cancer.It also can be followed by healthy individuals to lower their chances of getting cancer.

  • It works in several ways, most importantly  by enhancing the immune system--the body's natural defense against cancer--without harming normal, healthy cells.

  • It is a carefully defined regimen, in which specific food supplements are taken at specific time help to ensure that the body absorbs the most cancer-fighting nutrients, and when they are taken aligns with the growth cycles of various cell types in the immune system.

  • It is grounded in scientific evidence. It integrates findings from hundreds of studies published in peer-reviewed journals on the effects of phytochemicals (substances derived from plants), vitamins, minerals, and other supplements on the immune system and on cancer development and tumor growth.  

  • It can be used against any kind of cancer at any stage, either as the first and only treatment, or after surgery, chemotherapy, or other conventional medical  treatments have been completed. 

  • Important Note: The cancer-fighting eating regimen will not be effective during chemotherapy or extensive radiation (both of which harm the immune system). It also will not work if disease or prior treatments with radiation or chemotherapy have caused major, irreversible to any vital organs  (heart, brain, lungs, liver).

All the information about the cancer-fighting eating regimen is free. 

  • We do not sell or promote any books, brands or distributors of supplements, or counseling or treatment facilities, nor are we affiliated with any commercial ventures. Occasionally, we recommend specific brands for reasons of quality and efficacy.

  • None of the foods or supplements in the eating regimen is proprietary or requires a prescription. They all can be found at many drugstores and health food shops, or can be purchased online (typically at a much lower cost) from the source of your choice. Sometimes we mention specific web sites that we have found have the lowest prices.

We encourage you explore this web site and learn more about the cancer-fighting eating regimen (see How to Use This Web Site). It could save your life or the life of someone you care about who has cancer.  It will always improve quality of life for a cancer survivor, and will lower anyone's chance of getting cancer.

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